Welcome to Behar Shofars


Our store offers custom made Shofars, Bags, Tapestries and related Artisan Items. We start with quality raw materials to create the best product for your experience.

Our horns are sourced from around the world. We carry a variety of game horns, as well as horns from local culled herds.
We also make many other items using various types of game horns.

Each of our Shofar carrying bags is one a kind, and can be made to your personal taste. 

In the coming days, we will be publishing a regular series of teaching articles and instructional videos.

We are an avenue for those seeking to understand some basic as well as some of the mystical concepts of the Shofar. Our desire is for others to share in this ongoing learning experience in pursuit of the 'Kingdom of G-d on earth'.

We are honored to be featured in the Jewish Independent - see link


For 'kosher' qualification, see FAQ - question #1